Certifying authenticity & ownership through
Digital Product Passports.

Cernex is the leading platform for accessing innovative Digital Product Passports, ensuring authenticity, ownership, and traceability of branded physical assets.

The problem we solve


fake products that involve high health risks

$449 B

 World counterfit market value in 2022

7.8 %

of imported products in the EU are fake


of fake watches are detected (80% in 2021)

Explore our key elements
and benefits

Using the power of DPPs for your brand


Claim ownership of any product while keeping identities private, thanks to advanced encryption methods.


Each product is linked to a unique Digital Product Passport, issued by the brand to ensure its legitimacy.


The data in each certificate traces the entire journey of each product, enhancing the brand's credibility through transparency and value.


Blockchain enables us to prioritize the security of customer personal data, guaranteeing confidentiality and comprehensive protection at all levels.

An app made for brands
and users

Seamless integration in your brands flow

  • Our system is designed to operate smoothly within your existing supply chain processes, ensuring minimal disruptions.
  • Thanks to our internal tools, we tailor customer experiences and certificates according to brand’s specific requirements.
  • Our advanced technology ensures that all data remains private and strictly confidential, safeguarding sensitive information throughout the certification process.

Validate your certificate with a unique QR

  • Generate a unique QR for each certificate to ensure authenticity and ownership.
  • Effortlessly verify your certificate’s authenticity by scanning your product’s QR code.
  • Instant validation of your certificate, validate anywhere at anytime.

Your DPP's stored in the same place

  • Access all your Digital Product Passports (DPPs) conveniently in one platform. Your certificates are securely stored, ready to demonstrate authenticity and ownership.
  • Our interface, carefully designed for an easy and efficient experience.
  • Securely manage all your certificates with something as simple as an email or a MetaMask wallet (optional).

Protect your costumers with Cernex

Start today, and we will identify an opportunity that optimally supports your brand while safeguarding your customers.


Digital Product Passports (DPPs) serve as comprehensive tools for gathering and disseminating critical product data, including sustainability measures, manufacturing processes, ownership, and traceability aspects. By capturing information from the supply chain, Digital Product Passports (DPPs) contribute to economic circularity. DPPs, mandated by EU legislation, utilize various technologies for secure data recording and aim for global adoption across industries by 2027. They empower stakeholders to make informed, environmentally conscious decisions, promoting sustainability and resource efficiency throughout a product’s lifecycle.

Certainly. However, the current procedure is conducted manually. Please reach out to us at contact@cernex.io, and our team will provide you with guidance on the process. Additionally, future updates will enable users to perform this process automatically.

  1. The main reasons that can lead to errors when validating the ownership of a certificate include:

    1. Misspelled words.
    2. Discrepancies in the information provided during the purchase and validation processes.
    3. Extraneous spaces before or after words.
    4. Incorrect email or information provided.
    5. Illegitimate individuals attempting to claim ownership of a product.

    If you encounter difficulties validating your certificate, please don’t hesitate to contact support for assistance.

No. Cernex establishes partnerships directly with brands, ensuring the authenticity of the product and its ownership. Through these partnerships, Cernex guarantees both the transparency of the supply chain and the legitimacy of the product.

Everything can be stored in your brand’s Cernex Digital Product Passports, including files (PDFs, images, etc…), as well as key product data like owner history, product traceability, materials, and maintenance history.

Cernex offers extensive customization options for brands, allowing them to tailor the information stored in the certificates directly owned by their consumers.

For more information please contact our sales team, and we’ll assist you in selecting the ideal Digital Product Passport solution for your brand.

Our system ensures that such critical documentation cannot be lost. The information contained within, including vital product details and ownership records, is meticulously timestamped and securely maintained. This guarantees the perpetual accessibility and integrity of your data until ownership is officially transferred.